Culture in Laos. What you need to know before traveling

Posted on 30 March 2018 (0)

It can be a great experience to visit Laos. However, there are a couple of things that you need to know before you are actually going to Laos. Things that we don’t really think about. They have a different culture than us, and there are things that we are doing every day, that aren’t allowed there. This is why you should make sure that you are going to know and remember these before you are going to Laos.

Laos is dusty and can be a problem for those with allergies

Something that many people don’t know is that Laos is a dusty place. You will be surprised at how much dust one place can have. For most people, this isn’t a problem and they are still enjoying the country and all the sightseeing.

However, if you are a person that is allergic and that have breathing problems, visiting Laos can be dangerous. You should speak to your doctor before you decide to travel to Laos.

The rules about touching other people

There are some strict rules about touching other people on the streets. It is allowed for men to greet each other with shaking hands. But, it isn’t allowed for a woman to shake hands with each other or to shake hands to any man. Touching people isn’t allowed when you are a woman.

The same rule applies when you are seeing Monks. You as a woman, you aren’t allowed to touch them in any way. It is rude and you might even get into trouble for it.

You shouldn’t use your feet for any other thing than walking

This might be a strange rule, because who are doing anything else with their feet than walking and running? However, this is still a serious rule about Laos. You are only allowed to use your feet for walking, running and different sports events. Besides these, you should not use your feet in any way.

You also shouldn’t step over people when you are in a crowd. This is rude in their country and you will not be welcomed easily.

Dress code when you are visiting temples

If you think that you are on holiday and you can dress the way you like, especially visiting temples, you are making a mistake. If you aren’t dress properly, they will not allow you into the temple. For them, it doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or not. If you want to visit their temples, you should dress accordingly and respect their culture.

Laos. A great tourist country. However, then you need to make sure that you know all about their culture and customs. This is the only way that they will accept you as a tourist in their country and make sure that you are going to have a great experience there. There are a couple of things that they don’t tolerate, that we are used to doing. So make sure that you don’t do anything that you aren’t allowed to do.